When you see  many of the beautiful commercial, industrial, or even residential projects around Ocala, there’s a good chance that Stentiford Construction was the company doing the work. Their motto:  Where excellence means exceeding the client’s expectations.  Need more information?   Just click on any of the photos below to be re-directed to the Stentiford Construction Services website

Remember the moving of the Ma Barker House across Lake Weir?  The infamous home was donated to the county and turned into a museum.  But first it had to be moved across Lake Weir to Carney Island.  The company designated to complete the delicate project?  Stentiford Construction Services.

If you’ve been to the Paddock Mall, you’ve no doubt seen the remodel of Artsy Abode.

Burger 21, now Carmichaels on East Silver Springs Blvd, was a project from the ground up.

Have a specific design in mind for your new home?  Talk to the friendly folks at Stentiford Construction Services.  They can take your dreams and turn them into reality.  Like this home in Ocala

Interested in watching a project from start to finish?  Drive by the Lee’s Chicken Restaurant on East Silver Springs Blvd.  Stentiford Construction has begun renovating the building and you can watch as it progresses.

Call Stentiford Construction Services today to discuss your next project.  Their number is:


Or click on any of the pictures to be directed to the Stentiford website.