On Christmas Day we experienced a failure of a major piece of transmission equipment which knocked us off the air.  Since then, we have been limited to our streaming signal and our app, TuneIn.   The problem was with a piece of equipment that is not readily available and had to be special ordered out of California.

The problem has now been fixed and the Classic Hits signal is now back on the air, cleaner than before.  Our thanks to our engineer Mark for his work on this project.

For you techno geeks, the piece of equipment that failed is called an exciter.  An FM Exciter is the piece of electronic equipment that generates the modulated FM waveform that can be radiated by an antenna and received by a radio receiver. We have installed a Nicom NT 30 Exciter, which in itself, can act as a low power transmitter.  We use it in conjunction with our high power transmitter.