The Classic Hits 104.7 Community Scholarship Program was instituted two years ago as a means for businesses and individuals in the area to become more involved, by providing educational opportunities for our children who are entering college. 

WITG, Classic Hits 104.7,  a not for profit public radio station,  discovered that there are many business leaders in the community who would like to do something to help our youth, but do not have the time or the staff to manage the many aspects of a complicated project.  We are acting as that organizational tool and take NO administrative fees or commissions. 

WITG has committed a minimum of $3000 to the major high schools within its primary listening area.   A student from each of the schools will receive a minimum $500 scholarship to be awarded in late October 2013 during a high school football game.  Should we exceed our goal; the amount of the scholarships will be increased accordingly.  In the event that we double our $3000 goal, multiple scholarships will be awarded at each school.

Applications, which were developed by the Marion Public School Foundation, are distributed to each of the schools in mid-August.  Senior students will be given the opportunity to apply until about October 1 st .  The Marion Public School Foundation will judge the applications based on grades, community service, and an essay entitled “What the Ocala Community Means to me”.  There are no restrictions as to the major chosen by the student.   However, he or she must be attending an accredited college or university.  Business leaders interested in participating in this worthy cause should contact the station.

Classic Hits scholarship winner

This is our Classic Hits scholarship winner from Ocala Christian Academy for this year, Courtland Culver.
This is our Classic Hits scholarship winner from St. John Lutheran School for this year, Ashley Gallinaro.