Up, Down, Up, Down – Gas Prices on Roller Coaster Ride

Up and down, up and down.  That’s what gas prices have done lately across central Florida.  This week fuel prices are up by more than 13 cents a gallon at an average of $2-40 a gallon.  If you’re a classic hits listener, you won’t pay that much.  We’ve found prices as low as $2-31 and $2-32 at several stations.  To find those stations or prices in your neighborhood anytime, just log on to our website classichitsocala.com.   The link is right there on the front page.

Want to live longer?  Consider taking up golf says a new health survey.  The research says hitting the links at least once a month whether you play well or not, can lower the risk of death in older adults.  Golf can reduce stress and provide exercise.  Because of its controlled pace, people continue to play golf every after suffering a stroke or heart attack.  The evidence was presented last week at an international stroke conference.

This is just creepy and could be another assault on your privacy.  A new high-tech firm has developed a small micro-chip blue tooth device that can be slipped into clothing or just about anything else.  The device, like in clothing, would tell manufactures and retailers about your habits, including how often you wear the item.  The company reports that they now have orders for hundreds of thousands of the chip devices.

So, what have Florida lawmakers done in their first six weeks of the 2020 session.  If you go by the number of bills that have been passed, then it’s pretty much nothing.  the only measure that has passed both chambers is a bill requiring girls under the age of 18 to get parental permission to have an abortion.  The legislature is charged with passing a state budget, and legally, that’s it.  The lawmakers have three weeks left in the session to pass the budget.  The two houses are still far apart and conference committees are trying to iron out a compromise.

Greyhound, the nations largest bus company says it will stop allowing border patrol and customs agents from getting on their busses to check for illegal immigrants.  The company says border patrol will now be required to have a warrant.  While the company says it’s for passenger safety but critics say its all about the money.  Illegals are likely to stop using the service if they suspect a bus will be stopped for immigration checks.

If you bank with Wells Fargo, here’s where all those fees you pay are going.   Wells Fargo has agreed to a $3 billion dollar payments to settle federal investigations into the creation of millions of unauthorized accounts.  The huge banking operation pressured account representatives to open accounts for customers without their authorization several years ago.  Wells Fargo admitted the practice after being called on the carpet.

Burglars tried unsuccessfully to break into a medical marijuana dispensary over the weekend in Ocala.  Police responded to a burglar alarm at the Curaleaf Dispensary in the 1800 block of SW College Road only to find a couple of broken windows.  Witnesses told investigators that they saw a couple of cars speeding off after the alarm sounded.  Four suspects were believed to be involved in the attempted burglary but they were able to evade capture.

A man from Archer wound up in the Marion County jail over the weekend after police in Ocala stopped him for running a stop sign.  But it was more than that.  Jeffery Dreyfuss was in possession of meth and cocaine.  Even more it was the 12th time that Dreyfuss has been arrested for driving with a suspended license.  He is considered a habitual offender.