Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham Dead Following Plane Crash

Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham is dead following a plane crash Sunday morning in the southwest part of the county.  The single engine plane crashed in a field not far from the Dunnellon airport along SW 140th Avenue.   The 58 year old Graham was the only person on board.  The FAA has been called in to investigate the crash but no details have been released.   Graham leaves behind a wife and three children.

That disorganized band of showers and thunderstorms that was meandering around south of Cuba has now formed into tropical storm Zeta.  Zeta currently has sustained winds of about 40 miles and hour and is located just west of the Cayman Islands.  The storm is moving west northwest and should cross the Yucatan Peninsula before turning to the north northeast making landfall between the Florida Panhandle and Mississippi as a hurricane.  We’re keeping an eye on it for you and will keep you advised. The current maps do not show the storm effecting us. 

Early voting in Florida continues to set records with more than a third of voters already casting ballots.  Sumter County leads the way in the state with 58% of registered voters already casting ballots.  Marion County is already at more than 40%.  Early voting continues through October 31st at nine locations throughout the county.  To find the early voting location nearest you, just go to our website classichitsocala.com and click on today’s news. 

Gas prices in the Ocala area are down by about a penny a gallon from last week for an average price of $2-15 a gallon.  But our classic hits listeners won’t have to pay that much.  We found fuel for you as low as $1-99 a gallon but only at a couple of stations in East Ocala.  A more likely price you’ll find is about $2-05.  To find those stations and prices in your neighborhood, just log on to our website classichitsocala.com.   The link is right there on the front page. 

Volusia County authorities say they are looking for the body of a 27 year old Ocala man who was caught up in a rip current Saturday afternoon and presumed drowned.  The man has not been identified.  The man and some family members were swimming near the Hampton Inn when the man disappeared in the surf.  A search Saturday and Sunday produced no results. 

While the panhandle is expecting to feel the results of Hurricane Zeta, here at home we’re looking forward to more summer like conditions this week with daytime temperatures in the mid 80’s and a chance of showers each day.  A little bit more seasonal weather is expected, but not until this coming weekend, when temperatures could drop into the upper 70’s with nighttime lows back to the cool lower 60’s. 

Here is the list of early voting locations for Marion County:

Marion County Election Center – 981 NE 16th Street – Ocala, Fl

Belleview Public Library – 13145 SE Hwy 484 – Belleview, Fl

Deputy Brian Litz Building – 9048 SW Hwy 200 – Ocala, Fl

Dunnellon Public Library – 20351 Robinson Road – Dunnellon, Fl

Forest Public Library – 905 S Hwy 314A – Ocklawaha, Fl

Freedom Public Library – 5870 SW 95Th Street – Ocala, Fl

Mulberry Center – 8445 SE 165th Mulberry Lane – The Villages, Fl

Reddick Community Center – 4345 NW 152nd Street – Reddick, Fl

Silver Spring Shores Community Center – 590 Silver Road – Ocala, Fl